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This work contains descriptions, stats, and rules for five different working dogs for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Some may assist in combat, others in tracking, but each has rules regarding what they can do in combat. Each dog is unique in their abilities, designed for a specific purpose. These are also not class-enforced, a character of any class may have one of these companions. Four of the dogs have a chart for “leveling up” at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 so they can grow with the character

Protection Dog: A loyal companion suited to combat. 

Tracking Dog: The perfect choice if you are in the business of finding things. 

Guard Dog: A mostly NPC-intended dog to throw a loop in a party's plans. 

Herding Dog: A speedy little companion with a knack for herding enemies. 

Thief's Dog: A tricksy, extremely clever dog that is the perfect crime companion for any Rogue or criminal. 

All proceeds from this work are going towards my own service dog fund!

PDF is simple black and white, and screenreader accessible. 


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